Have you filled in all the blanks in Splunkey's Fill-in Game? Make sure you have the correct words in the correct order so that the decoding process will work.

Print a copy of the list below. Carefully complete the blanks by transferring from the Fill-Ins on Parts One - Nine only the selected answers referred to below. As you fill in each blank space, follow the instructions after each word, and circle the correct letter.

• _____________ Part Four:3[c] - Circle the 2nd letter.

• _____________ Part One: 2[a] - Circle the 2nd letter.

• _____________ Part Three: 2[a] - Circle the 4th letter.

• _____________ Part Eight:1[a] - Circle the 6th letter.

• ______________Part Four:1[b] - Circle the 3rd letter.

• _____________ Part Six:2[b] - Circle the 7th letter.

• ______________Part Five: 1[a] - Circle the 2nd letter.

• ______________Part Four: 2[a] - Circle the 2nd letter.

• _____________ Part Nine:2[c] - Circle the 1st letter.

• ______________Part Nine:1[a] - Circle the 4th letter.

• ______________Part Six: 3[a] - Circle the 1st letter.

• _____________ Part Five:5[b] - Circle the 2nd letter.

• _____________ Part Two:1[b] - Circle the 4th letter.

Place all of your 13 circled letters on the 13 blank spaces of your printed sheet

.___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

UNSCRAMBLE the letters to decode the mystery message. The letters above form words you should know. Play around with the letters on a piece of paper until you come up with the answer. Place the final message on your printed sheet until you complete all things which must be submitted for contest entry. You can get your family and friends involved with the unscrambling process.


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