Answers to Splunkey's Fill-in Game.
How many answers did you fill-in correctly?

Part One:1[a] - fight

Part One:2[b] - get

Part One 2[b] - along

Part Two: 1[a] - fight

Part Two 1[b] - want

Part Three: 1[a] - fighting

Part Three: 1[b] - talk

Part Three: 1[c] - listen

Part Three: 2[a] - talks

Part Three: 2 [b] - listen

Part Four:: 1[a] - feelings

Part Four: 1[b] - key

Part Four: 2[a] - think

Part Four: 3[a] - think [say]

Part Four: 3[b] - do

Part Four: 3[c] - feel

Part Five: 1[a] - sorry

Part Five: 2[a] - sorry

Part Five: 2[b] - hurt

Part Five: 3[a] - sorry

Part Five: 3[b] - ruin

Part Five: 4[a] - sorry

Part Five: 4[b] - touch

Part Five: 5[a] - sorry

Part Five: 5[b] - really

Part Five: 5[c] - mean

Part Six: 1[a] - teammate

Part Six: 2[a] - team

Part Six: 2[b] - together

Part Six: 3[a] - carefully

Part Six: 3[b] - feelings

Part Seven: 1[a] - friend

Part Seven: 1[b] - likes

Part Seven: 2[a] - friend

Part Seven: 2[b] - enjoy

Part Seven: 3[a] - friend

Part Seven: 3[b] - spend

Part Seven: 3[c] - time

Part Eight: 1[a] - teammates

Part Eight: 1[b] - good

Part Eight:: 1[c] - friends

Part Nine: 1[a] - help

Part Nine: 2[a] - listen

Part Nine: 2[b] - thoughts

Part Nine: 2[c] - feelings

Part Nine: 3[a] - answer

Part Nine: 4[a] - laugh

Part Nine: 4[b] - smile




Do you act with kindness and understanding?


These are important ideas to think about. These are important ideas to keep in mind as you talk, work and have fun with others.




Were the Fill-Ins Easy or Hard?


If you had a hard time reading and/or understanding the conversations among Ellie, Eli and myself, or difficulty in writing answers for the fill-ins, get help from your family - your parents or older brothers, sisters or cousins, or an aunt or uncle, or grandparents - or a nice neighbor you know, or from your own teacher or another teacher or counselor at school.


Make sure everything makes sense to you. Talk about the meanings of the words and sentences with family members, another student, an older friend, or an adult you know and like, and with whom you feel comfortable.


You could always write me a message or ask me about a question you have. You could share how you feel about some of the ideas that the three storybook characters talk about.


I do a lot of flying around doing programs, so I might not be able to get back to you as soon as I would like or you would like. It would have to be when I am in the Chicago area. In a few days, I and my crew will be piloting my space craft to other states in the United States.


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