Part One: Getting Along

Ellie: What is war?

Splunkey: It is when people or animals fight a lot.

Ellie: Then what is peace?

Splunkey: Peace is when people and animals do NOT fight. It is when people and animals get along with each other.

Part Two: Why fight?

Eli: Why do people and animals fight?

Splunkey: Often they fight because they want something they do not have.

Eli: You mean like when Ellie yelled at me because she didn't have her friendship bracelet?

Splunkey: Yes. The two of you started a fight.

Eli: But war is not just two people or two animals fighting, right?

Splunkey: Correct. War involves many people or animals, and much fighting.

Part Three: Talking and Listening

Ellie: Can people and animals get what they want without fighting?

Splunkey: Absolutely. They do it by talking and listening, by thinking and trying to understand each other. Children and adults need to talk with each other and listen to each other every day.

Ellie: What do they talk about?

Splunkey: They talk about what they think, what they want, what they do, what they believe, and how they feel.

Ellie: That's a lot. Should we ask each other questions?

Splunkey: Definitely. When someone else talks, really listen to what is said. Make sure you always understand by asking questions.

Ellie: And if I do not understand the answers?

Splunkey: Ask more questions until you do understand the meaning of the words that are used.

Part Four: Feelings are the Key

Splunkey: I think understanding feelings is the key to getting along.

Ellie: Eli, when I yelled at you, I was upset. I was only thinking about my lost bracelet.

Eli: Even though you hurt my feelings, I tried to talk with you. But you would not listen.

Ellie: Next time, I will try to listen better and try to understand what you are saying and how you feel.

Eli: And I will try to understand what you are really telling me and how you feel.

Part Five: Saying You Are Sorry

Splunkey: It's important to apologize if you hurt someone's feelings.

Eli: It's also important to apologize if you ruin something that belongs to someone else.

Splunkey: And it is important to apologize if you touch someone in a way that hurts.

Ellie: I think you mean it's important to say you're sorry.

Splunkey: Exactly.

Ellie: Eli, I told you I was sorry. And I want you to know that I really meant it. And I mean it now.

Eli: Thank you, Ellie.

Splunkey: I am very proud of both of you.

Part Six: Teamwork

Splunkey: People and animals need to learn to work together -- to work as a team. You call your buddy your teammate.

Ellie: I like working with Eli.

Eli: Ellie, will you be my teammate?

Ellie: Yes, I will. That means that you will be my teammate. Right?

Eli: Of course.

Splunkey: Excellent. The two of you now work together as a team - talking with eachother, listening carefully to each other, and paying attention to each other's feelings.

Part Seven: What is a Friend?

Ellie: What is a friend?

Eli: A friend is a person or animal you like and someone who likes you.

Splunkey: Also, a friend is a person or animal whom you enjoy being with – playing with, working with, talking with and listening to.

Ellie: So, a friend is someone nice I like, and someone I spend time with; and that person or animal thinks I'm nice and wants to spend time with me!

Splunkey: You got it, little girl! That's the start of a friendship.

Part Eight: Teammates and Friends

Ellie: You are my teammate. Right?

Eli: I sure am. We do everything together. And I like you lots.

Ellie: I like you lots, too.

Splunkey: It is clear you are not just teammates. You are good friends.

Part Nine: Best Friends

Splunkey: So what do good friends do for each other?

Eli: When I need help, Ellie is always there.

Ellie: When I have a question, Eli always has an answer.

Eli: When I need someone to listen to my feelings, Ellie is always there.

Ellie: If I'm sad, Eli says things that make me smile and laugh.

Splunkey: It sounds like you and Eli are best friends.

Ellie: I think Eli is my best friend.

Eli: Ellie is my best elephant friend. You, Splunkey, are our best alien friend.

Ellie: I agree.


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