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Great Imaginings through Original Art and Original Writings


Author, Artist and Actor, Dr. Elana Ashley presents an exciting and inspirational program based on her life’s journey. Combining drama, original art and original writings, Ashley shares artistic visions and universal messages. Programs are brought to libraries, senior centers, independent senior residences and assisted living facilities, synagogues, churches, and other community organizations.


Judith Marinelli Godfrey, Educator and Writer:

Dr. Elana Ashley’s presentation on Tuesday, Dec. 17th, 2013, at the Northbrook Library was a refreshing exposition of human emotion in forms of poetry, media paintings, and song lyrics. Her expressions of feeling transcended her personal experiences and drew her audience into landscapes of universal truths and fanciful imaginings. The easy flow of her words and boldly designed art offered a varied and colorful potpourri of life transitions and transformations, reflecting the sustaining base of her own self-acceptance and outer wonder.”


For further information, e-mail:  or call: 847.480.8998