You have arrived at the Final Step in Splunkey's Reading Contest.





You have decoded the message. This message is the answer to a Question. What is the question?




While you may be able to come up with many different questions,

Splunkey has decided there is only ONE CORRECT QUESTION.

Only the "correct question" will be the "winning answer".


E-Mail the Decoded Message along with Your Question to Splunkey at:

Please include your first name and your grade level in school.

If you would like to add the name of your school, and the community and state in which you live, we would only include that information about the three winners of

Splunkey's Reading Contest.


The DEADLINE DATE for accepting responses to this contest will be May 16, 2016.


At that time, up to three winners will be chosen.

The three Winners will receive a copy of Splunkey's mystery adventure, the first book in Ashley's children's book series entitled

Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet.

The winners can choose if they want the English version of the book or

the bilingual reader in English and Spanish.


Best of Luck to Everyone!


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