Make a print-out of Splunkey's Fill-In Game. Fill in the blanks of the following sentences. Select the correct word from the list of words above each section. Each line is for one word. A word may be used more than once. There may be words in each section you do not use. Each sentence should make sense when you read it. Choose the word or words you think make the most sense. You can refer back to Step I: Readings to check your answers. 


Part One: / dream / along / jump / get / fight / up /

1. Peace is when people and animals do not ______________________[a].

2. When people _________________[a] __________________[b], they are at peace with each other.


Part Two: / laugh / want / fight / talk /

1. Sometimes people____________________[a] because they____________________[b] something they do not have.


Part Three: / asking / talk / listen / fighting / talks / think /

1.Instead of _____________________[a], people can ___________________[b] with each other and____________________[c] to each other.

2. When someone else ____________________[a], really ___________________[b] to what the person says.


Part Four: / think / dreams / key / say / do / answer / feelings / feel /

1. Splunkey says that understanding ________________[a] is the_________________[b] to getting along.

2. Sometimes I _____________________[a] only about myself.

3.Talk about what you __________________[a], what you _________________[b], and how you ____________________[c] .


Part Five: / really laugh / cry / sorry / really mean / damage / touch / tall / hurt /

1. If you hurt something or someone, say you are ____________________[a]

2. Say you are _______________[a] if you _____________[b] someone's feelings.

3. Say you are _____________ [a] if you ____________[b] someone's property

4. Say you are _____________[a] if you ____________________[b] someone in a way that hurts.

5. When you say you are _____________________[a], it is important that you ____________[b] _____________[c] it.


Part Six: / together /enemy / team / carefully/ feelings / teammate /

1. Your buddy is your _____________[a].

2. When you work as a ___________[a], you work _______________[b] .

3. You should talk to each other, listen ________________[a], and pay attention to each other’s __________________

Part Seven:/ likes / spend time / like / play around / friend / reads /

1. A ____________________[a] is someone you like and someone who ____________ [b]] you.

2. A ____________[a] is a person or animal whom you ______________ [b] being with.

3. Splunkey says: "A _____________[a] is someone you like to _______________ [b] _________________[c] with, talk with and listen to.


Part Eight: / friends / readers / teammates / good /

1. When you do everything together with a person or an animal, you are not just ______________[a], you are ______________[b] ___________________[c] .


Part Nine: listen / answer / smile / feelings / test /help / laugh / thoughts / find

1. Best Friends are there to __________________[a] each other.

2. Best Friends are there to _______________[a] to your __________[b] and _________________[c] .

3. Best Friends are there to help _____________________[a] _______________[b] to questions.

4. Best Friends make us ________________[a] and ___________________[b] .


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