Book Reviews from Children: The Missing Friendship Bracelet


Selected Book Reviews of Students in Patricia Bahnick's 3rd Grade Class following a Dramatic Reading of Splunkey's Mystery Adventure, South Park Elementary School, Deerfield, Illinois.


Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker 
Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet

Review #1:
"It was beautifully written. Favorite character: Splunkey because he's funny. Lesson learned: Don't be mad at someone for no reason. Greatly taken and funny photographs. Great change from most mystery books. Nice author. Read with lots of expression. Funny voices."


Review #2:
"I really liked Eli. I thought it was cool that the characters were ventriloquist figures. I liked how Dr. Ashley read the story with the squeaky, loud and neat voices. I liked Eli because he was not the main character, but he played a part in the story. I wonder what will happen in her next book."

Review #3:

"I liked Splunkey because he was funny and cute. I think the lesson in this book was don't think someone did something just because that was the only person there. This book was the best book I have ever read. I would read this book over and over and over because it was such a good book. I thought that the book was funny, sad, special because you should always be friends even if you get into a fight."

Review #4:

"My favorite character was Ellie because she had so many expressions like the way she talked when she was sad and happy. The photographs really help you know exactly what's going on. A lesson is not to blame other people for something they didn't do. I wonder what I would picture if there were no photographs."

Review #5:

"I thought it was a great friendship story because it shows that everyone gets in fights. My favorite character was Splunkey because he makes Ellie and Eli friends. He also helped Ellie find her friendship bracelet. I also learned don't let a friendship break up like Ellie and Eli. It's so nice to hear a story that ends good. I sometimes get into fights with my friends. But we're still best friends. I had a great time. Thank you."

Review #6:

"I really liked this book because it had a very good message, and I think the message was that you shouldn't get mad at someone for something you don't know they did. My favorite character is Splunkey because I think he is really funny. I really liked the photographs because they were very unique. I also liked how it was read because Dr. Elana Ashley really knows the characters and their expressions."


Review #7:

"I liked the character Splunkey because he was very funny. I like the photographs, too. They were very interesting to look at. I also liked the expression that Dr. Ashley used for all of the characters. I learned that if you have somebody over some time, and you lose something while your friend is there, don't always blame them that they did it because they might not have really took it, and even then you would be embarrassed because of it. It is a very good story, and I can't wait till the next one is published."