Whether using her theatrical and storytelling talents on stage at a school or a library; in a cable television series she created, hosted & co-produced called “My Hometown”; developing and hosting several individual, cable, children’s programs; or in interviews on cable shows and radio shows, Dr. Elana Ashley uses dramatic skills and keen sensitivity to people issues to motivate interest and inspire audiences of children and adults to learn strategies that can help them cope with everyday problems, while also focusing on strong, ethical values, and the development of positive, self-esteem. Further, the entertainer also focuses on realistic and fantasy stories that draw out amusement and laughter from young and older audiences alike.

No matter what Dr. Ashley may be doing during a performance, it is always Ellie Elephant or one of her puppet colleagues who have a special way of drawing in the attention, interest and amusement of young audiences.  The photo above was taken in October, 2015 for a young Hispanic population attending an afternoon children's event presented at Nuestro Center Family Social Serivces located in Highwood, IL.