Programs for Children


Over the years, Dr. Elana Ashley has presented educational and entertaining programs for children from preschool through 8th grade in such areas as drug education, child abuse prevention, self-esteem, character development, and conflict resolution and mediation. She had presented some programs for high school students dealing with self-esteem, however she chose to concentrate on the younger students.

Once the author started her children’s book series, Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and  Peace-maker, she focused specifically on the messages found in Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet, which included the concepts of friendship, teamwork, solving problems of loss, and resolving conflicts. With the newer second book in the series, Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler, she is targeting the subject of bullying and anti-bulling know-how and strategies.

Based on the age of the students Dr. Ashley is working with, the program formats vary. The age group for the series generally starts with upper 4 year olds and kindergarten students, and continues with 1st through 3rd graders. Ashley has found that 4th – 6th grade students and those children in the upper grades are really great as teaching assistants, who, in her past experience, have worked with the younger students in continuing to teach the important messages found in the books. The reason for this is their maturity and broader understanding and experience with the issues that fill Ashley’s books. So, it is suggested that the help of older students be well utilized in the schools following an introductory presentation by Dr. Ashley. This clearly means that the books should be the base for programs for older students, programs in which their teachers help to focus them in their efforts to teach the concepts. And, at the same time, teachers can expand upon the subject matter with more applicable situations and strategies for coping which are very specifically appropriate for the present issues of older students. Ashley’s books provide a basic foundation from which teachers can progress and build programs and methods that reach out to the needs of their students.


School Programs 

An introductory program starts with Dr. Ashley first reading one of her books. Then, the author brings out one of the puppet storybook characters who appears in the book, and the duo joins in an interactive question-answer with the students about important concepts in the book. The program concludes with an original song or poem written by the author and recited by her puppet companion or recited together by the duo. There are many variations of this introductory program. Call Ashley for a discussion of the kind of program you want – the age group of your students, the desired subject matter, the varied ways that students can participate actively, the length of the program, the possible dates and times for programming, and anything else that interests you in a program for your students. The author can be reached at 847.480.8998.

The photo below takes place at Nuestro Center Family Social Services in Highwood, Illinois for a group of Hispanic students who are attending a special afternoon program based on Big Bully Holly Howler.