Poet/Song Writer

Throughout the years, Dr. Elana Ashley has been composing poems and songs to accompany her educational and entertaining programs for students. A very popular work she created for use at schools is a rap poem which concludes drug education programs for individual classes and for school assemblies ─ High in the Sky Drug-Free. When she dramatically recites this poem, children and teachers all stand up and join in with the chorus and accompanying gestures.

During the past three years, Ashley has combined her earlier written works & recent original songs, poems & prose narratives with her original artwork shown via power point for adult and senior audiences. Originally written for older students, the poem Celebrate the Excellence Within emphasizes making wise choices, setting and achieving goals, high, ethical values, teamwork and positive self-esteem. She has been dramatically reciting this poem for adult audiences for many years, and this work continues to inspire people to think, explore new avenues and take meaningful action for themselves and on behalf of others.

Ashley writes whenever inspired. The works she has written span a broad spectrum of topics and themes. The subject matter includes such areas as history, love and war, politics, relationships, nature in all its beauty, the workings of the human mind, heart and spirit, and futuristic visions, to name a few. Ashley has developed a large collection of songs primarily in English, though she has composed several in French and Hebrew, while two other songs were translated for her to German and Italian. Over the years, Dr. Ashley has created a large collection of both poems and songs, and she continues to incorporate them into the programming she presents for children and adults.

The photograph above makes it quite clear that the relationship of Spokespuppet Splunkunio Splunkey® and Dr. Elana Ashley includes a close and enjoyable partnership. Often when the duo works together, Splunkey bursts into song as a reminder that the highest of ethical values must always be the foundation for healthy and joyous living, learning and loving on Planet Earth.