For more than twenty years, Dr. Elana Ashley lectured to students, teachers and parents, incorporating drama, artwork, puppets, songs and poems to convey to adults and students of all ages important messages relating to child abuse prevention, drug education, self-esteem and conflict resolution, to name a few of the areas she discussed with her audiences.

While formal lecturing is definitely the format for a small, professional group as well as for a large, adult audience, Ashley also enjoys a relaxing sharing of information in small gatherings, such as the kind of creative sharing she provides on personal tours of her art exhibits, as seen in the above photograph taken at the Indian Trails Public Library District in Wheeling, Illinois.

Ashley’s educational background includes a Ph.D. and M.A. from New York University in the fields of Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature, with a specialty in Ugaritology. She studied at the University of Maryland for two years, spent her junior year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, and received her B.A. from Queens College.

Ashley lectured at  three uniersities -- teaching Ancient Jewish History at Queens College in Queens, New York for one year, and teaching Hebrew language at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio for two years and at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts for four years.