Creative Statement

Dr. Ashley takes joy in every moment, in every splash of color, in ever-changing emotions and physical healing, in visions seen and unseen. Whatever her mind conceives, her hand translates into a colorful reflection of reality; fantasy; mystery; sci-fi adventure; animals, birds and nature; times of antiquity; present times; beginnings of the universe; the history of mankind; imagined, futuristic visions of what is to come.

Her artistic focus is to interweave bold colors into ever-changing tapestries of human, animal, plant and abstract images. Sometimes, however, she shifts into quieter, more subtle tones, and the artwork reflects dreamlike, mystical and spiritual dimensions of her mind and heart.


Ashley’s Process of Creation

Sometimes Elana comes up with an idea, followed by a plan on how to proceed. But that is not typical of the process she uses to create new artwork. More often, an idea pops into her head or heart, and her hand translates the unknown image into a form that may or may not be recognizable. She just moves forward with the flow, at times taking control; at other times, just moving along like waves rushing or calmly flowing towards the shore. Life and paintings can be very unpredictable, unless, of course, you take planned control by accepting what others tell you to do and how to do it. Then again, you can similarly take firm control by using highly structured methods that you have been taught and create a predictable painting. Or, you can allow yourself full freedom and see where it takes you, as in her upcoming mixed media work of art, Fantasy Creation: Slice of Heaven, Earth and Ocean.


Ashley’s Art Collections

Dr. Ashley was inspired by numerous sources ─ readings in The Bible, taking joy from viewing nature throughout the seasons, exploring new walking pathways and mental journeys, enjoying her expansive imagination and curiosity, and much more. You are able to view selections from each of her five art collections by going to the art collection links above.