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Splunkey’s Journey to Planet Earth


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Traveling on cosmic pathways

     from Planet Onyx,

          SPLUNKEY pilots his spaceship

               towards his new home -

                     Planet Earth.


Carrying on his grandfather's universal


          SPLUNKEY delivers messages

               of compassion and friendship.


Using wisdom, common sense and values,

     SPLUNKEY educates and entertains

          children, families and teachers.



     SPLUNKEY works FOR YOU!

          SPLUNKEY reaches out TO YOU

               with laughter, love & peace.


Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker


For more than two decades, Dr. Elana Ashley has been presenting programs and workshops for students, teachers, educational administrators and parents. The topics she chose were based on the issues she heard about regularly on the news and particularly from educators she spoke with from Chicago and outlying areas ─ subjects which schools focused on above and beyond the general subjects required and the emphasis on necessary language skills. The areas that Dr. Ashley turned her attentions to included child abuse prevention, drug education, character development, self-esteem and conflict management. She researched, developed and presented programs for students in preschool through middle school, combining the use of puppets as a terrific medium for conveying information, thoughts and feelings.

Eventually, she decided to put some of these important topics into a form which children could use that would incorporate fundamental techniques for learning ─ reading, speaking, listening, writing, thinking and analytical skills ─ and at the same time including colorful photographs to excite the visual experience of children. And so, the first book in her series was born. Finally, Dr. Ashley had brought her artistic talents and writing skills into the world of children’s literature as the author, photographer and publisher of the first book in a mystery, adventure series entitled Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker.

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Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet


Printed in English and English/Spanish editions, the mystery series ─ Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker Detective y pacificador ─ targets everyday issues in the lives of children and adults. Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet is an excellent, instructional tool used in teaching young and old alike strategies for solving problems of loss, building character and resolving conflicts. Not only are children of all ages learning English and/or Spanish, at the same time they are learning values of friendship, trust, teamwork, and peace.

Accompanied by original music, Dr. Ashley dramatically reads the story in English on an Audio CD, taking on the voices and personalities of her puppet, storybook characters.


Teaching Guide for Educators and Parents 


Based on Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet, the Teaching Guide for Educators and Parents is a literary outline of character, plot and theme, an extensive series of questions, suggested activities and helpful information, including a special section on peacemaking strategies. The book and teaching guide are valuable resources for families to read and talk about together, for parents who specifically homeschool their children, and for teachers and students at public and private schools ─ all who are immersing themselves in an understanding of bullying and the strategies that can be used to eliminate abusive and dangerous language and behavior within families, communities and states, and among nations worldwide.  


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 Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler  

At the end of 2015, the second book in the series came to life ─ Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler. As you can view above, the first edition of this book is in English. The second edition takes the form of a bilingual reader in English and Spanish, the same format of the second edition of Case One. Bullying has been a never-ending source of discomfort, pain and often grave harm not only for children, but for people of all ages and all backgrounds, whether it occurs at a school, in a park, on the streets of a community or in a professional workplace.

With the wisdom and advice of a magical friend and her own smart thinking, Ellie Elephant transforms a bully into a friend! Find out how she accomplishes this transformation. The story is followed by a series of questions for adults and children to use in understanding how to deal with bullying, as well as a poem entitled "Why Are You a Bully?" The bilingual reader broadens the audience of children and adults who can learn about bullying, benefit from their understanding and become empowered with anti-bullying strategies. The more people that are in the know and are willing to grow in their understanding and use of coping strategies for dealing with bullying issues, the greater the possibilities for living in a world of friendship, harmony and peace.