Books for Adults

Dr. Ashley’s first book for adults came out to accompany the first book in her children’s book series Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker Case One: The Missing Friendship Braceletand is entitled Teaching Guide for Educators and Parents.

This book provides curricular materials that help not only teachers and parents, but also counselors, social workers and other interested adults use their dramatic, imaginative and artistic abilities to bring Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet to life for their students, children and clients, as well as for themselves. In general, issues are set up as a series of questions for children and adults to discuss and for which they will seek answers together. The themes include problems of loss, learning to relax, friendship, teamwork, building character and values, managing conflict, a peacemaking process and self-esteem. Many activities are suggested to involve children, including role play, dramatization and puppetry. Readers of all ages can improve English and Spanish language skills. This accompanying text continues to be a valuable reference and resource for children and adults who move on to read the new second book in the series ─ Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler ─ which came out in English in September, 2015 and in English-Spanish in December, 2015.

In the field of art, Dr. Ashley has two paintings and a two-page bio appearing in the book Living Artists of Today, Contemporary ART INTERNATIONAL, Vol. 11, published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc., 2014.

Ashley's paintings After the Garden of Eden and The Floral Kingdom of Animals appear in the magazine Art & Beyond, Volume 3, Summer/Fall Issue, 2013.

Selected poems by Dr. Ashley appear in Overcoming: An Anthology by the writers of OCWW [Off-Campus Writers' Workshop], edited by Richard Davidson, past president and member of OCWW, and published by Radmar Publishing Group, 2014.