Dr. Ashley is the writer and illustrator of a children’s book series entitled Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker. The first book, Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet [English & English/Spanish editions] targets friendship, teamwork, problem-solving and conflict resolution. She authored an accompanying text for adults: Teaching Guide for Educators & Parents.

The second book, Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler [English & English/Spanish editions], came out in the Fall/Winter of 2015. This book presents children, families and teachers with methods for dealing with bullying behavior, providing a series of questions for discussion and a poem.

The front cover of Ashley's two new books were exhibited at BEA conducted at McCormick Place, Chicago, May 11 - 13, 2016. The English-Spanish edition appears in the BookExpoAmerica 2016 Catalog Archway Publishing for Simon and Schuster operated by Author Solutions. 

To share with you "more than a hint in a patch of mint," the catalog includes a preview of what's to come: "Is your child a bully, a victim or a bystander? Big Bully Holly Howler shoves kids to be first in the lunch line and snatches things from other students - all without the teacher's knowledge. Holly seems unstoppable - until Splunkey, a peace-loving detective, encourages Ellie and her best friend, Eli, to look at Holly in an entirely new way.  In this delightful children's tale, youngsters learn creative ways to cope with bullies."

If there were more hours in a day, Elana would be completing other books which await her attention. She created a series of 15 paintings of primarily animals, a book for children ages 1 to 4. And for adults, Dr. Ashley has been writing and developing an anthology of original poems, songs and prose narratives interwoven with her paintings and mixed media. Ashley's writings and artistic pieces are original works which are products of a life-time journey of creativity.